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Charleston International Film Festival: Friday, Block 1

Fri, Apr 11, 2014 at 4pm

at Sottile Theatre
  • All Ages, Bar with ID
This event has passed.
Documentary Program

Documentary (79 mins.) Netherlands, SC Premiere

Director/Writer/Producer: Marieke Niestadt
Cast: Lucia Rijker and Diana Prazak

Synopsis: Female boxer Diana Prazak always wanted to fight the best in her league, therefore she accepts the invitation by the number one fighter in the world, Frida Wallberg, to fight her for the WBC world title in Stockholm. Lucia Rijker, former six-time world champion, coaches Diana to prepare her physically and mentally for the toughest fight of her life and her biggest, most paralyzing fear: losing. In Stockholm, they are confronted with the picture-perfect Frida and her glamorous and extended entourage. The brutal fight, however, takes a dramatic turn. Diana is left to consider if she truly got what she wished for.

- - -

Documentary (10 mins.) USA/Spain, SC Premiere

Directors/Writers: Àlex Lora and Antonio Tibaldi
Producer: Francis Mead
Cast: Khadija Haji, Sahra Cige and Faadumo Isma'il

Synopsis: Young Alifa looks up at the Somali sky. She thinks about her daily life as a shepherdess...she knows that the day that will change her life forever is about to come.

- - -

Documentary (8 mins.) UK, SC Premiere

Director/Producer: Kerry Kolbe
Cast: Annie Day

Synopsis: After a century on earth, which memories really matter? For Annie Day, who turned 100 in May 2012, it's the day her young son Brian brought a German Prisoner of War to Christmas dinner almost seventy years ago, which marked the start of an enduring lesson in love, loss, and acceptance.

Sottile Theatre

44 George St.
Charleston, SC 29401

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