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Charleston International Film Festival: Saturday, Block 2

Sat, Apr 12, 2014 at 1pm

at Charleston Music Hall
  • All Ages, Bar with ID
This event has passed.
Documentary Shorts Program

Documentary (3 mins.) World Premiere

Director/Writer: Ryan Cockrell
Producers: Ethan Jackson and Dorian Warneck
Cast: Matt Smithson

Synopsis: Artist and animator Matt Smithson illustrates interpretations of his dreams.

- - -

Documentary (12 mins.) USA/Spain, SC Premiere

Director/Writer: Àlex Lora
Producer: Valérie Delpierre
Cast: Saravuth Inn

Synopsis: A Cambodian immigrant plays chess in the heart of New York with the hopes of finding a better position on the board of life.

- - -

Documentary (8 mins) SC Premiere

Director/Writer/Producer: Nicole Powell
Cast: Blockhead, Ms. Atl, Spookytoons and Catlanta, Evereman

Synopsis: One of Atlanta's hidden treasures is its Free Art community. Anonymous artists hide artwork in public locations, and the pieces are free for the people who find them. Artists frequently post hints on social media to guide their fans. In Free Art 4U, five artists share how they create and distribute art as part of the community.

- - -

Documentary Short (18 mins.) SC Premiere

Director/Writer/Producer: Helen Hood Scheer
Cast: Don Colcord and Kretha Colcord

Synopsis: A portrait of a beloved druggist in a rural Colorado outpost, as he navigates a profound divide between his public and private lives while operating the only pharmacy within 4,000 square miles.

- - -

Documentary (12 mins.) World Premiere

Director/Producer: Brady Brandwood
Cast: Anonymous Moonshiner

Synopsis: A documentary uncorking the heritage of Moonshine in rural North Georgia, with illuminating and emotional details shared about the lifestyle and techniques used to avoid getting caught by the “Narks,” as well as a first-hand look into the culture, risk, personal pride, and passion poured into the art. One touching and revealing scene at the end sums up the emotional human factor of the lifestyle in the late 60s and early 70s in the rural mountains of North Georgia.

- - -

Documentary (30 mins.)

Director: Brad Jayne
Writer: Denis Gallagher
Producers: Cleto Augusto, Doug Coupe and Brad Jayne
Executive Producer: Denis Gallagher

Synopsis: The Sands of Time: An Inspiring Story of Family, Faith and Love.

When life doesn't go the way you plan, you either give up or you learn to deal with it. This is a true-life love story of Scott Sands and Rebekah Davies, two indomitable souls afflicted with a rare and dreaded disease. As Scott approaches his 46th birthday, he finally gets to meet Rebekah, two years after the Millennial Generation Brit, who was "the most confused" she had ever been about life heeds inspirational advice from a friend encouraging her to visit Scott’s Facebook page and ends up changing everyone’s life.

Charleston Music Hall

37 John St.
Charleston, SC 29403