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Charleston International Film Festival: Sunday, Block 1

Sun, Apr 13, 2014 at 11am

at Charleston Music Hall
  • All Ages, Bar with ID
This event has passed.
Shorts Program

Animation (4 mins.) SC Premiere

Director/Writer/Producer: Joanna Davidovich

Synopsis: Mitzi and Spanko run amok in paradise, all set to the thumping sounds of the Asylum Street Spankers.

- - -

Family/Fantasy (9 mins.) East Coast Premiere

Director/Writer: Todd Slawsby
Producer: Roz Weisberg
Cast: Liam Slawsby, Lyla Slawsby, Katie Preisig and Brendan Mulhern

Synopsis: After hearing a scary bedtime story, a young brother and sister become convinced that there is something hiding under their beds. They may be right…

- - -

Drama (11 mins.) East Coast Premiere

Director: M. Keegan Uhl
Writer: Keith Stevenson
Producers: M. Keegan Uhl and Kendall Hawley
Cast: Keith Stevenson, Tim O’Leary and Romina Bovolini

Synopsis: Almost fully recovered from an accident, a man struggles to communicate that his emotional wounds are still fresh.

- - -

Crime Drama (18 mins.) SC, World Premiere

Director/Writer: Casey McDonough
Producers: The McDonough Family, The Tipling Family, Anne Singer and Drew Whittle
Cast: Julian Gehlhausen, Kyle Campbell, Ellie Cutright and Jon Hook

Synopsis: It’s 1931 and Sean Casey is finding himself enjoying the lifestyle of a gangster along side his best friend, Patrick Brennan. After a bank job goes south, their run looks like it’s going to be cut short when trust is broken with their notorious boss, Mr. James Sullivan. Now the two are caught in a storm of hatred and lawlessness, and someone’s not making it out alive.

- - -

Drama (22 mins.) Russian Federation, SC Premiere

Director/Writer/Producer: Anna Arlanova
Cast: Marina Kovalskaya and Victor Yurkov

Synopsis: Smile of Marilyn, gait of Marilyn, manners of Marilyn…even the dress looks like Marilyn’s. An accidental encounter in a second-hand shop—and the sharp reality is ready to crash the world of dreams. Nadezhda, a girl from the Moscow suburbs, distantly resembles Marilyn Monroe. The Hollywood actress becomes not just a role model for her, but almost an obsession. She fails to sew a dress like Marilyn’s and goes to a second-hand shop to buy one. There she runs into a stranger who presents himself as a photographer. Nadezhda has no idea that this man, once intruded her world of dreams, is going to turn her live to the side of reality end even death.

- - -

Drama (12 mins.) Australia, East Coast Premiere

Director: Justin Olstein
Writer: Andrew Kavanagh
Producer: Matt Downey
Cast: Luke Elliot, Blake Davis and Carla Bonner

Synopsis: Prevented from speaking to his son, a divorced theme park attendant tends to the rides and patrons adrift in a sea of wonder and joy that he can't relate to. But after an unexpected altercation, Alvy must choose between anger and change.

- - -

Comedy (17 mins.) SC Premiere

Director/Writer: Joe Ahern
Producers: Drew Bryden, Katie Middleton and Dan Riddle
Cast: Grant Harvey, Maiara Walsh, Joey Russo and Joe Ahern

Synopsis: When Clark suspects his ex-girlfriend of stealing a sentimental painting of his, he enlists the help of his oddball friend, Paul, who leads them on a harebrained journey to attempt to get it back.

Charleston Music Hall

37 John St.
Charleston, SC 29403

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