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Thursday: Block 1

Thu, Nov 3, 2016 at 5pm

at Charleston Music Hall
This event has passed.


Drama (29 mins.) Russia, SC Premiere      

Director/Writer: Maria Guskova

Producers: Dennis Guskov, Maria Guskova and Rinat Muslimov

Cast: Kahramanzhon Mamasaliyev

Synopsis: Erkin gets out of prison and wants to return to his former life. But everything has changed, and he does not know if he can live as a free man.



Short (20 mins.) UK/Kosovo                    

Director/Writer: Daniel Mulloy

Producers: Shpat Deda, Scott O’Donnell, Tim Nash, Chris Watling and Afolabi Kuti

Cast: Jack O’Connell, Holliday Grainger, Tahliya Lowles and Zaki Ramadani

Synopsis: As thousands of men, women, and children attempt to get into Europe, a comfortable English family experiences a life-changing journey of their own.



Short Documentary (9 mins.) Pakistan, SC Premiere            

Director: Muhammad Umar Saeed 

Producers: Muhammad Umar Saeed and Muhammad Farrukh Saeed               

Cast: Fareed Ullah, Hazrat Ullah and Osama Din

Synopsis: Collecting garbage for earning and paying their fees for school, three brothers who are changing their future by studying and at the same time selling garbage in Lahore, Pakistan. The Learning Alliance is a portrait of children with dreams and their struggle toward achieving it.



Sci-Fi (19 mins.) USA, SC Premiere          

Director/Writer: Stephen Turselli

Producers: Stephen Turselli, Bryan P. Jones and Elise Tasooji

Cast: Brendan Fehr, Dale O’Malley and Steven Michael Quezada

Synopsis: Based on a true story, a young Cessna pilot’s and an aging air traffic controller’s lives collide one fateful night in and over Roswell, New Mexico.



Drama (13 mins.) USA, SC Premiere                     

Director/Writer: Natalie Camou

Producers: Megan Reed

Cast: Bella Bolster and Verónica Ortiz-Calderón

Synopsis: A little girl must find the courage to stand up to her abusive mother.



Horror Comedy (4 mins.) USA, SC Premiere                       

Director/Writer: Theo Sena

Producer: Massoumeh Emami

Cast: Sam Osterhout and Steve Siddell

Synopsis: A man wakes up and fixes a world that isn’t broken.

Charleston Music Hall

37 John St.
Charleston, SC 29403

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