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Friday: Block 3

Fri, Nov 4, 2016 at 9pm

at Charleston Music Hall
This event has passed.


Drama (39 mins.) Russia, SC Premiere                  

Director/Producer: Alexander Volkovskiy  

Writer: Kirill Kuznetsov 

Cast: Artem Kazmin, Elena Medvedeva, Polina Olemskaya and Vadim Pozharsky

Synopsis: Aglaia, the expert on rare books, is visitng her distant relatives to find something valuable in their library. She meets their twelve-year-old son, Dima, who doesn't speak. Gradually penetrating in everyday family life, Aglaia understands what can help Dima speak…


Horror/Thriller (9 mins.) USA, SC Premiere

Director/Writer: Timothy Vandenberg       

Producer: John Marchioni

Cast: Louise Byers, Jessica Farmer and Penny Skohut

Synopsis: Young Sophie has been hired to bring food every night to a mysterious old woman who is locked in an attic. Is the old woman a prisoner? Is she dangerous? Each night, as Sophie completes her task, her curiosity draws her closer and closer to what might be her last meal.



Drama (13 mins.) USA                

Director/Writer: Shea Sizemore

Producers: Vanna White and Chip White

Cast: Cedric Guthrie and Rachel Jeffreys

Synopsis: An aging Luchador pounds his life away at a corporate keypunching job. His wife, a successful executive, helps him find his way back to his purpose.



Live Action Short (22 mins.) Switzerland, SC Premiere

Director/Writer: Marc Wilkins

Producer: Joël Jent

Cast: Stefan Gubser, Annelore Sarbach, Jay Abdo, Amal Omran, Hala Elula, Amed Ali, Abdusalam Mutaj Shagaj Nur, Abdinuv Yusuf, Erkan Aydogan, Tugba Dogan, Sahverdi Ali, Osman Muslu, Abdülhamit Basibüyük and Mehmet Öztürkoglu

Synopsis: During a holiday cruise a sailing yacht encounters a sinking refugee boat.



Drama/Coming of Age/Short (14 mins.) Scotland/UK, SC Premiere

Director(Writer: Martin Smith

Producer: Sarah Drummond

Cast: Mikey Hoc, Kathleen McDermott, Ali McBride, Connor Hamilton and Mark Woolner

Synopsis: When a young showman visits a new town he struggles to fit in. Seagulls follows Ryan as he attempts to bond with a group of local boys. The film explores the subtle differences in the lives of these teenage boys and how cultural bonds that are deeply ingrained are never far from the surface.



Drama (10 mins.) USA, East Coast Premiere                      

Director: Macgregor

Writers/Producers: Zacarias, Macgregor and Tim Hyten

Cast: Chirs Conrad, Victor Ho, Jah Shams, Zach Telles and Gordon Capps

Synopsis: Los Angeles 1991 follows four different characters in the midst of racial tensions just before the riots of '92.


Charleston Music Hall

37 John St.
Charleston, SC 29403

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