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Saturday: Block 1

Sat, Nov 5, 2016 at 10am

at Charleston Music Hall
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Romantic Comedy (25 mins.) USA/France   

Director/Writer: John Gray

Producers: Ian Sander, Kim Moses, and Nichelle Protho for Sander/Moses Productions

Cast: Tyler Ritter and Margot Luciarte

Synopsis: Work-obsessed Ethan is visiting Paris to speak at a conference at the Marriott Hotel Champs Élysées. The gorgeous but mischievous Margaux tricks Ethan into following her string of clues throughout the city—forcing him to explore, imagine, and literally see the magic of Paris through her eyes. Is his guide is real, or a mystical muse with magical powers that give him a glimpse of a life that seems like a dream? In the end, he finds out.


Drama/Family (23 mins.) USA, World Premiere                  

Directors: Mike Manasewitsch and Mark Teich

Writer: Colin Key

Producers: Colin Key, Diana Lote and Yvette Lenhart

Cast: Kirsten Key, Colin Key, Jim McKeny, Mark Teich, Gabriela Giulumian, Nina Bartula and Jacques Buckingham

Synopsis: A small-town accountant discovers life doesn’t always go by the numbers when his daughter’s birthday wish forces him to confront a painful loss.



Comedy (19 mins.) USA/Dubai, East Coast Premiere           

Director/Writer/Producer: Daniel “Malakai” Cabrera

Cast: Caine Sinclair, William Spencer, Freida Pinto, Darin Toonder, Ali Al Sayed, Colin Cowie, Toltek VanKlein, Daniel Ilabaca, Ben Jenkin, Mathymagarasegaran Balakrishnan, Max Salberg, Micah Hollinger, Malik Imran and Josue “Beastmode” Figueroa    

Synopsis: Marriott’s two intrepid bellmen Christian and Gage embark on their second kinetic adventure, this time set in Dubai. When Laila loses a valuable flash drive essential to her business presentation, Christian and Gage go to amazing lengths to retrieve it, despite the efforts of the “biobots” inadvertently programmed to thwart them.



Animation/Adventure (2 mins.) USA, World Premiere

Directors: Joel Clement and Mike Moloney

Writers: Andy Greenaway, Joel Clement and Elliot Nordstrom

Producers: Al Perkinson, Meredith Roach, Marlena Villery and Tom Bromwich

Synopsis: Is there more to life than just cutting leaves? Costa Sunglasses commissioned this story to inspire you to explore your world and live a richer life.



Short Documentary (8 mins.) USA, SC

Director: Faith Cox

Synopsis: This short documentary shares the stories of two people partnered with service dogs as well as a service dog trainer in a series of three vignettes. Each story takes a closer look at these incredible animals and how they impact the lives of those around them.


Short Documentary (5 mins.) USA, World Premiere  

Director/Writer/Producer: Barbara Tranter 

Cast:  Rustin and Teresa Gooden  

Synopsis: Entrepreneurial couple parlays a natural resource into a fantastic company that supplies one of the basics of life: SALT.     



Animation (6 mins.) Australia, SC Premiere           

Director/Writer/Producer: Galvin Scott Davis

Cast: Kate Winslet

Synopsis: A bullied little girl, Buttercup Bree discovers that her love of Daisy Chains unlocks a power that brings life to the darkness of the playground.


Charleston Music Hall

37 John St.
Charleston, SC 29403

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