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Saturday: Block 2

Sat, Nov 5, 2016 at 12pm

at Charleston Music Hall
This event has passed.


Documentary (26 mins.) UK, SC Premiere              

Director: Joshua Shelov

Writer: Minter Dial II

Producers: Minter Dial II and Eastwood Allen

Cast: Victor Dial, Margy Wooding, Minter Dial II and Amber Steele

Synopsis: Hailing from Laurens, South Carolina, son of a senator and married to an aspiring actress, Lt Minter Dial survived 2.5 years as a Japanese POW in the Philippines, only to be killed in the most gruesome conditions. His dying wish, to get his Annapolis ring to his wife, was only made 17 years after his death. The Last Ring Home documents the ring’s magical journey and the impact that it has had on so many people along the way. 



Drama/Thriller (22 mins.) USA, SC Premiere

Director: Brian C Miller Richard

Writers: Hunter Burke and Nick Lavin

Producers: Chris Haney and Brian C Miller Richard

Cast: Hunter Burke, Teri Wyble and Johnny McPhail

Synopsis: With his marriage on the rocks, Game Warden Henri Judice is forced to investigate a mysterious call-out deep in the Louisiana swamp before a devastating hurricane tears through the area.



Drama (15 mins.) South Korea, SC Premiere                      

Director/Writer: Jayil Pak

Producer: James Shin

Cast: Ye-Ji Won

Synopsis: An affluent housewife chooses to leave her husband along with her hopelessly repetitive lifestyle. The question is: Should she take her two daughters with her or leave them behind? Based on a real-life incident involving a Korean mother and her children, Jubu explores the bleak world of women suffering from depression, who struggle to find purpose in their cripplingly mundane lives.



Music Video (6 mins.) USA, East Coast Premiere

Director: Frank Leeman

Writers: Emily Miller and Frank Leeman

Producers: Emily Miller and Emily Miller Productions

Cast: Lukas Andersen, Tara Sheena-Wakely and Gillian Jarvis

Synopsis: This is a dream-world story, where one man's big ego leads him astray. In his search for clarity and forgiveness, he travels, looking for a symbolic solution. Only when he returns to his own world does he discover that he must reveal his true self for love.



Comedy (16 mins.) UK, SC Premiere

Director/Writer: Lewis Rose

Producer: Daphnee Hocquard

Cast: Amir Boutrous, Andy Linden, Sajid Varda, Waj Ali, Waleed Akthar and Daniel Kramer

Synopsis: A kosher butcher who loses his job cannot find work; therefore, he pretends to be Muslim in order to get work at a Halal butcher.



Drama (11 mins.) USA, East Coast Premiere

Director/Writer: Megan Park

Producers: Megan Park, Erick Varillas and Katie Boland

Cast: Madeleine McGraw and Stephanie Rothenberg

Synopsis: Having lost her father to suicide in college, Lucy has a dream on the eve of her wedding where she reconnects with herself at age six. Given a window to “change” her history, she comes to some poignant realizations about herself and her past.

Charleston Music Hall

37 John St.
Charleston, SC 29403

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