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Saturday: Block 5

Sat, Nov 5, 2016 at 8pm

at Charleston Music Hall
This event has passed.


Short (25 mins.) Poland, SC Premiere                   

Director/Writer: Bartosz Kruhlik

Producer: Magdalena Widuch

Cast: Michał Włodarczyk, Małgorzata Witkowska, Dariusz Siastacz, Waleria Gorobets, Józef Pawłowski, Zdzisław Wardejn, Magdalena Celówna-Janikowska, Anna Sarna, Juliusz Romanowski, Przemysław Predygier and Yuma The Dog

Synopsis: 1. Structural or functional evolution of an organism toward higher survivability.

2. Process of an individual becoming better suited to environment and more resistant to outer stress.

3. The ability of eyesight to adjust to seeing in the dark.


Horror/Fantasy (22 mins.) USA, SC Premiere

Director/Writer: Ryan Spindell

Producers: T. Justin Ross and Ben Hethcoat

Cast: Caitlin Custer, Ben Hethcoat, Mike Nelson, Alison Gallaher and Bradley Bundle

Synopsis: A dark and stormy night. An innocent babysitter all alone. An escaped psychopath out for blood. You know how this story will play out…or do you? 


Documentary (13 mins.) USA, SC Premiere             

Director: Michael D. Ratner

Producers: Michael D. Ratner, Eric D. Cohen, Roman Gackowski, Matthew Hirschhorn, and Sean Paulsen

Cast: Sean Penn, Douglas Brinkley, Warren Hinckle, John Walsh and Ralph Steadman

Synopsis: The lasting legacy of the 1970 Kentucky Derby has nothing to do with the winner, Dust Commander. Its true impact came from the assignment that “Scanlan's Monthly" gave to a 32-year-old writer from Louisville named Hunter S. Thompson. 


Action Comedy (2 mins.) USA, SC Premiere

Director: Jim Ford

Writer: Rob Lathan

Producer: Ryan Convery

Cast: John Mason and Jim Ford

Synopsis: A stuntman shocks a salesman with his unusual way of test driving a car.


Fiction/Domestic Drama (11 mins.) Greece, SC Premiere

Director: Chris Moraitis

Writers: Chris Moraitis and Katerina Filiotou

Producer: Christos Liakouris

Cast: Roberto Grosu, Maria Mandalinou and Vasilis Risvas

Synopsis: Dimitris is the only child of a rich family. The only person that took care of him, his grandma, is dead. Now his only companion is his pet guinea pig. When Dimitris’s parents decide a cruel future for him, he “cripples” the purest side of himself in order to survive.


Drama (12 mins.) USA, SC Premiere         

Directors/Producers: Andrew Keenan-Bolger and Kate Wetherhead     

Writer: Kate Wetherhead

Cast: Andrew Samonsky and Kate Wetherhead

Synopsis: A woman renovates her country house in solitude with only an online handyman for guidance. One job—installing a celing fan—proves more difficult than she expected.



Horror/Thriller/Comedy/Romance (10 mins) USA, East Coast Premiere

Director/Writer: Matthew Graves

Producers: Matthew Graves and Andy Harper

Cast: Greg Earnest, Meaghin Burke and Johnny McPhail

Synopsis: Deep beneath a cold dark forest lies Barry whose world is a dusty coffin and a cherished locket from his dear wife, Mary. He has come to terms with his present situation but strange new noises are coming from outside his solitary home.


Charleston Music Hall

37 John St.
Charleston, SC 29403

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